Who we really are…?

IDzUp proposes attractive ready Web business apps in the most profitable Web fields.Thanks the IDzUp, (future) businesspeople or companies can directly start a new successful Web business with the minimum cost and without development and web developers cost (we do and will do everything to keep your business the BEST and always up-to-date).
Our formulas are unique (we have tried to find during hours and hours the same equivalent but we just can’t, please send an email if you find…).
Because we really believe that we can help you as no one can do, we are sure that you will be satisfied and so we are not worries to give you the opportunity to test it for nothing right now (if you are still not satisfy, you will get your FULL money back + the waste cost for dealing with).
All Of our Web business apps are tested several times and submit to several unit tests before released. You will always get the highest professional quality.
— question–

— How you can propose that for this ridiculous price?

Indeed, you can think that we are scams or not serious because our apps cost almost nothing that they should. In fact, we really want to help and give the opportunity to business to grow up rapidly. Finally, thanks to our consequent number of clients, we can make amazing offers like those.

You are free to ask costs to similar Web agencies. Basically, the price are from $10,000 (for basic apps) to $80,000 + extra fees for updates, hosting, maintenance, and sometime even for technical support!