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Nowadays, Real Estate agencies need to have their website on the Internet too. However, we noticed that it's actually almost impossible difficult to have a professional website and suitable for Real Estate agencies for a good price. For these reasons, we have decided to create a professional and high quality Real Estate Software and customizable for every kind of estate agencies.

  • 100% Responsive Design

    Make your Real Estate site suitable for all modern devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc) and obviously on Laptops and PCs while keeping all the same features!

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    We know how it can be hard to sell properties for an estate agent. We have done a lot of work to make your Real Estate’s Website attractive and with some “innovate” features that makes your sell twice faster than usual. If you still don’t believe, you check that on our demo.

  • Free Lifetime Support & Updates

    We know how hard can be sometime for setting up and managing a website. Although, we have tried to make the software the easiest, but sometime people can be stuck on an option, issue or something else and for those reasons, we want to stay close to you at all times. After purchase the software, you will get access to our support and to all upcoming update of the software in order to keep your business always in the best way and up-to-date.

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With this Real Estate Web Software, the agents (if enabled) and/or users can pay memberships (you'll be able to create many memberships for any section) for the estate plans. Many Payment Gateways are already integrated to the software (PayPal, Stripe, Credit/Debit Card, ...). The software also use mapping on property map, wall in the property history, ...

  • Highly Optimized for UX & SEO

    The software has been highly optimized for the User Experience in order to give you the best conversion rate and a lot of SEO optimization has been done to be in the best search results.

  • Social Networing Friendly

    We know how nowadays it is very important for your business to be present on the Social Networking Services. We have added a lot of Social Networking sharing tools and widgets and is also easily to integrate Facebook or Twitter APIs.

  • Be on the First Place!

    You deserve it! We love what you do for your business and know that you work hard for it. In our side, we have been working really hard to give you the best Web Real Estate Platform ever and we are releasing many updates to keep it up to date (we generally release one update every 1.5/2 months. All clinets get the updates for lifetime!